vision and mission


    To be leadership of the U.A.E Cement industry through the continuous modernization and expansion of our manufacturing facilities and activities, and through the establishment of a wide and efficient marketing network .
  • GROWTH :  
    Ensure a steady growth of business by strengthening our position in the cement sector .
  • EQUITY :
    Promote and maintain fair industrial relations and an environement  for the effective involvement , welfare and development of staff at all levels.
    Maintain the high quality of our products and services and ensure their supply at fair prices .
    Promote research and development efforts in the areas of product development and energy , and fuel conservation and to innovate and optimize productivity .
    Fulfill our obligations to society ,  specifically in the areas of integrated rural development and in safeguarding the environment  and natural .


Emirates  & Al ain Cement Factories’s missions is to produce cement in accordance to the highest quality standards , specified internationally.  
This is achieved through the various sections of the laboratories which are testing cement  on a hourly basis to assure the efficiency of the product under all weather through the most experienced , qualified staff in the field of cement manufacturing , using latest  procedures aided by the most modern equipment used globally to attain international standards.  

It is also a part of the Emirates & Al ainCement Factory missions to acquire the most recent , technologically innovated equipment for the purpose of restricting and reducing environment pollution and to remain , by all means , within the internationally specified standards and  Controls for Environmental Control.